New Website!

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Paint Can Records new website! Please be patient as we continue to get things up and running, in the meantime, we hope you enjoy the music and thanks for listening!


  1. Weightless Ashtronaut
  2. Blue Sky Ashtronaut
  3. Three Gates Ashtronaut
  4. Tree Hugger Liquid Evergreen Buy 3:51
  5. Pretty Lady Bystander Effect Buy 4:01
  6. Marsh Mellow Special Agent Ed Buy 4:12
  7. Monsoon Orchestronic Buy 2:34
  8. House of God Forever Jupiter Vinyl Buy 3:49
  9. Plastic Hero Jupiter Vinyl Buy 2:46
  10. I've Just Seen A Face Jupiter Vinyl Buy 2:46
  11. Flurries Edward James Horey Buy 2:19
  12. Picture of Her the Architects Buy 3:16
  13. Thief of Frost The Locations Buy 1:56
  14. More Cow Bell Special Agent Ed Buy 4:00
  15. Under The Sea Special Agent Ed Buy 2:54
  16. February Edward James Horey Buy 1:00